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GRADING THE PRESIDENCY: Is Trump Keeping Or Breaking His Campaign Promises?


One of my earliest and most popular articles compiled a list covering every Year, and even every Month of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency. It highlighted the fact that every single one contained an act AGAINST Israel, proving my point that he was indeed the most Anti-Israel president of ALL-TIME. I penned the article out of the necessity to inform Christians and Jews about the dangers that Obama posed to our greatest Ally. Today, I felt the need to pen an article in a similar style about the new President Donald Trump. Obviously it will not be an article about him being an anti-Israel President but, instead, about how many of his “Campaign Promises” he is keeping which he made to Christians, Jews, and Israel.

I was highly critical of Donald Trump throughout the Presidential Election process, and was not shy in voicing my doubts that he would govern as a Conservative. Many of my fellow Christians disagreed and took him at his word. They have put their trust in him to fulfill the promises which he made on the Campaign trail. Thus, I intend to hold him accountable for every promise that he made to gain their votes.

Since the Republican Primaries, I’ve viewed Donald Trump as a liberal “New York Values” Republicrat, yet I hear many Conservative Christians say that he is governing like “one of us”. In the end, I sincerely pray that my pro-Trump friends are right and that he proves me wrong. I really do! It will not be difficult for Trump to keep his most important Campaign promises, as he has Republican majorities in the House, Senate, and in State Governors’ mansions. So, he should not be hindered one bit in enacting his agenda.

There were specifically 7 promises which he made to Holy Bible believers, and I will grade his Presidency on just how faithful he is in keeping these 7 pledges. They are:  

* Move Israel’s U.S. Embassy to their Capital, JERUSALEM

* Appoint Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Gay Marriage and Roe V. Wade

* Defend the “Religious Freedom” and Conscience of Christians

* DEFUND Abortion Wing of Planned Parenthood/Make Hyde Amendment PERMANENT

* Tear up the extremely BAD DEAL With Iran

* Halt Islamic Immigration from ALL Nations that breed Islamic Terrorism

* “Bomb the hell out of” and DESTROY ISIS

So, as I did with Obama, I will grade Trump on EVERY Year, even EVERY Month of His Presidency, and his grades will be solely dependent on his action or inaction concerning these promises. Though He was only President for just over 10 days in January, he was still very busy from day one, so that is where we will begin…



Moving Embassy to JERUSALEM: When asked about his many Campaign Trail promises to relocate the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Israel’s Capital of Jerusalem, Trump said, “I don’t want to talk about it yet. It’s too early.” He also said, “We’ll see what happens”, and “There’s a CHANCE”. A “chance”?!? I don’t ever recall him saying on the Campaign Trail, “There’s a chance we may move the Embassy,” or “We’ll see”. No. He didn’t just casually SAY on one occasion, but rather PROMISED on multiple occasions, that he “WILL MOVE the American Embassy to the ETERNAL Capital of Israel, Jerusalem”. Yet today, like ALL Politicians do, now that he has assumed power, his promises have become empty and most likely BROKEN. An Arab newspaper reported that the White House informed Palestinian leadership that the U.S. President NO LONGER planned to move America’s Diplomatic Headquarters in Israel “at this stage”.

Trump’s White House Press Secretary seemed to confirm the report as true, just weeks after Trump’s Senior Adviser, Kellyanne Conway, and others in his Administration said that the embassy move was “a very big priority” for the President-Elect. Sean Spicer said that “NO DECISION” has been made on moving the Embassy. He said, “We’re at the very early stages of that decision-making process. The team is going to continue to consult with the State Department.” In layman’s terms, moving the Embassy is most definitely NOT “a very big priority” like others led Christians, Jews, and Israel to believe, if it even happens at all. In an interview with CBN News, Trump added even more doubt that he would keep his word, when he told an interviewer “The issue has two sides. I’m looking at it, we’re studying it. We’re studying it very long and hard. You know it’s a very big decision because every President for the last number of presidents, large number, they’ve come in and they were going to do it and and then all of a sudden they decide they don’t want to get involved.”


Appoint Supreme Court Justices to overturn Gay Marriage & Roe V. Wade: Trump announced that his long awaited Supreme Court nominee to replace Antonin Scalia was Judge Neil Gorsuch. I do not know very much about Gorsuch and where exactly he stands on overturning the Gay Marriage and Roe rulings, but I found an encouraging quote by the Judge that says, “liberals have become addicted to the courtroom, relying on judges and lawyers rather than elected leaders and the ballot box, as the primary means of effecting their social agenda on everything from gay marriage to assisted suicide to the use of vouchers for private-school education.” Liberal advocacy groups have labeled Gorsuch a “Conservative hardliner” because of his role in deciding a 2013 case involving Christian owners of the retailer Hobby Lobby. The ruling allowed owners of private companies to object on religious grounds to federal requirements that they provide insurance to employees that funds abortion services.


Defend “Religious Freedom” and Conscience of Christians: President Trump, when speaking to a Christian audience on the Campaign Trail said, “So let me state this right up front: In a Trump Administration, our Christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended. Because if I’m there, you’re going to have plenty of power. You don’t need anybody else. You’re going to have somebody representing you very, very well. Remember that.” We sure will remember Donald, and that is the reason for this article. So far though, unfortunately, Trump appears to be breaking this pledge. Senior Trump adviser Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump inspired their father to scrap a potential Executive Order that would have overturned a pro-LGBT and anti-Religious Freedom Executive Order of the Obama Administration.

In another alarming breach of his pledge, the President’s White House released a statement which read, “President Trump continues to be respectful and SUPPORTIVE of “LGBTQ” rights, just as he was throughout the election. The President is proud to have been the first ever GOP nominee to mention the LGBTQ community in his nomination acceptance speech.” As far as my assumptions about Trump’s support for the “LGBT” agenda throughout the Election, it looks like he proved me 100% right, which is a massive disappointment. The decision to keep Obama’s Executive Order was hailed by gay and lesbian Republicans. The president of the Log Cabin Republicans, Gregory Angelo, said “Donald Trump campaigned promising to be a ‘real friend’ to the LGBT community, and now President Trump is delivering on that commitment”. So Trump is delivering for the LGBT community, but not the Christian community. Sounds like a BROKEN PROMISE to me.

To make matters worse, there were rumours of another Trump Executive Order coming that would serve as a national “Religious Freedom” Bill protecting Christian businesses and their Biblical conscience from LGBT or pro-choice attacks and lawsuits, to which White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that the Administration had NO PLANS to roll out. What a stab in the back of Holy Bible believers by Donald Trump. If however, the President is pressured enough by Christian organizations that helped to elect him, like the FRC (Family Research Council), and eventually does produce some kind of “Religious Freedom” Executive Order, which of Trump’s Executive Orders will trump the other? The President’s pro-LGBT Executive Order and a potential “Religious Freedom” Order would be completely at odds, yet both would be official United States Policy. Sadly, the only thing certain right now is that the LGBT Order stands, and the Religious Freedom Order has currently been AXED.


DEFUND Planned Parenthood & make Hyde Amendment PERMANENT: President Trump signed an Executive Order barring federal funds from organizations that promote abortion around the world, including the International Planned Parenthood Federation. While barring taxpayer funding of abortion internationally, Planned Parenthood in America has yet to be defunded. But to give Trump credit where credit is due, it is most definitely a step in the right direction. Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa is currently sponsoring a Bill in Congress that would “redirect federal funds away from Planned Parenthood to other health care providers”. It is believed that Trump would sign this Bill if it came across his desk. Also, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act”, which would make the Hyde Amendment PERMANENT, passed in the House of Representatives, and the Bill is awaiting a vote in the Senate.


Tear up the Iran Deal: After a recent provocative Iran Missile Test, Trump recently tweeted “Iran has been formally PUT ON NOTICE for firing a ballistic missile. Should have been thankful for the terrible deal the U.S. made with them! Iran was on its last legs and ready to collapse until the U.S. came along and gave it a life-line in the form of the Iran Deal: $150 billion.” Though Trump is talking tough to Iran, and still criticizing the terribly BAD DEAL with the Iranian regime, mainstream news sources are reporting that Instead of “tearing up” the Iran Nuclear Deal, the Trump administration is exploring how to tighten enforcement of the Deal and possibly “renegotiate” it’s key terms. Many experts on the matter say that it will be impossible to get other major world powers and Iran itself to consider making any changes to the Deal. So as of now, Trump is not tearing up the Deal as promised.


Halt Islamic Immigration from Nations breeding Terrorism: Trump signed an Executive Order imposing a 4 month (120 day) suspension of America’s Refugee Program and a 3 month (90 day) ban on travel to the U.S. from citizens of 7 terror hot spots: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan. While liberals were immediately up in arms, staging protests at airports across the Country, decrying the order as a “Muslim Ban”, in reality it was not a ban on muslims. Only citizens of seven predominantly Islamic nations were on Trump’s temporary ban list, while muslims from all other 240 countries of the world can still come and go in the Country as they please. In my opinion, Trump’s Executive Order did not go far enough.

I believe there should be a halt on ALL Islamic immigration to the United States if they refuse to assimilate into our Judeo-Christian way of life, and abide by our laws and values. Even if Trump does not ban all Islamic nations, he should at least add many more anti-israel and anti-Christian countries to his list, namely Palestine, Turkey, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Egypt. Even though liberal judges in America are doing their utmost best to block Trump’s travel ban, I must say that I applaud Trump for doing everything he can to prevent Islamic Terror in the homeland. I don’t agree with many of his actions thusfar, but on this issue, Trump has my full support.


Destroy ISIS: The President has obviously not accomplished this Campaign Promise yet understandably, as this will most likely take many years. He has issued an Executive Order which directs the Secretary of Defense to draw up a plan to “defeat ISIS” within 30 days.




Moving Embassy to JERUSALEM: Speaking at CPAC on February 23rd, Vice President Mike Pence said that the Trump Administration was in the “promise-keeping business”. The following day, President Trump told the same crowd that “all he does is keep promises”. Yet, we are over a month into Donald Trump’s Presidency, and still the U.S. Embassy in Israel has not been relocated to the Jewish State’s Eternal Capital of Jerusalem. This was the Campaign Promise which Trump and Pence both made numerous times during the Election. Unfortunately, as of right now, it appears to be their biggest BROKEN PROMISE. Middle East newspapers have reported that Donald Trump has conceded to pressure by Jordanian king Abdullah and will “REFRAIN” from relocating the Embassy. Palestinian news sources also have reported that the Trump Administration transferred a message to the Palestinian Authority that the embassy “WOULD NOT BE MOVING” to Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, in a joint Press Conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanYahu, President Trump publicly asked NetanYahu to “HALT settlements”. He also put great emphasis on his desire to broker a “Peace Deal” between Israel and Palestine. He said that “the Israelis are going to show some flexibility, which is hard, it’s hard to do.” When Trump was pressed about his unkept promise to move the Embassy, he said “we’ll see what happens”. Like I said last month, his words are a far cry from his words on the Campaign Trail, when he reiterated many times that “WE WILL MOVE the Embassy to Israel’s Eternal Capital”. Unfortunately, “we will” and “we’ll see” are two vastly different stances. I believe that Trump has reneged on his Jerusalem promise because he’d rather “make a name for himself” globally by orchestrating the long elusive “Peace Deal” between Israelis and Palestinians.

I’ve said it many times before that there will NEVER be “peace in the Middle East” until the Prince of Peace, our Lord Jesus Christ, returns. Any Holy Bible believing Christians or Jews in Trump’s inner circle need to make him aware that any and all efforts to bring peace will be in vain. If he did, by chance, ever successfully broker a deal between Israel and it’s hostile Islamic neighbors, it would most likely be a 7 Year Deal, because that is the Last Days Prophecy. That Peace Deal eventually leads to the Battle of Armageddon, as it provokes God’s Wrath when the Land of Israel is divided (JOEL 3:2). The author of the “Art of the Deal” really seems to think that he’s the one to finally make “peace”, but the Author of the Holy Bible tells us that doing so will actually usher in the exact opposite, which is WORLD WAR. As far as Trump’s “Move The Embassy” Promise goes, it still appears that he has no intention of keeping it.


Appoint Supreme Court Justices to overturn Gay Marriage & Roe V. Wade: Last month, I said that I did not know very much about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch, or where he stood on overturning the Gay Marriage and Roe rulings. This month, I have learned a little bit more about him, and unfortunately it still leaves me with more questions than answers. On the plus side, I’ve found that he sided with Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor when they felt that their Faith was under attack by the Obama Administration, as Obamacare was forcing them to offer their employees access to contraceptives. In 2009, Gorsuch opposed the removal of a Ten Commandments monument on public property. Also, in cases related to gender ideology and transsexualism, Gorsuch shot down claims that transsexuals were a protected class under the law, and rejected arguments that male-to-female transsexuals had a right to gender discrimination protection as “women,” given that their bodies are biologically male.

All of this makes Gorsuch sound like a very favourable candidate for the next Supreme Court Justice, and a worthy replacement of the late Conservative firebrand Justice Antonin Scalia. Yet, with every plus side, comes a downside. With every pro, there is usually a con. In my research of Gorsuch I found that he and his family attend an uber-liberal Episcopalian Church, St. John’s in Boulder, Colorado. The Church’s female pastor is known to champion far-left ideological causes. According to an exposé published by the Daily Mail, she openly supports Gay Marriage, and conducts blessings of same-sex couples. She attended the recent pro-abortion, pro-Islam, anti-Conservative “Women’s March on Washington”. She has been known to be a strong advocate for Islam. Now, if Gorsuch and his family weren’t loyal churchgoers at this Parish, and simply held a membership but did not faithfully attend services ran by this false Christian pastor, I’d say it wasn’t too much to be worried about.

Unfortunately, Gorsuch and his family are apparently very active in the Parish. Gorsuch himself regularly serves as an usher, his wife as a lector, and his two daughters have served in the worship services. On top of that, as a member of the Episcopal Church, St. John Parish adheres to resolutions passed by the body’s General Assembly. Some of these resolutions include “allowing practicing homosexuals to become priests and bishops”, “ceremonies for celebrating homosexual marriages”, and “opposing legal restrictions on abortion”. If Gorsuch has no problem regularly attending a Church that holds to such unGodly demonic doctrines, then how in the world can we trust him to stand on the right side of these issues in the Supreme Court? If he is fine with such abominable practices in a House of God, then why should we think that he would oppose such things in our Nation as a whole? These new revelations have raised serious concerns in my mind about Judge Gorsuch.


Defend “Religious Freedom” and Conscience of Christians: Last month, the President got the worst grade possible concerning this promise because he appeared to be putting LGBT rights ahead of the beliefs and rights of Christians. Flash forward a month later, and sadly he still has not kept this promise, but has instead done even more for the LGBT community. Many Christians leaders who endorsed and campaigned for the President are starting to take issue with Trump’s inaction on this all-important Campaign Promise. Tony Perkins, Franklin Graham, Religious Liberty Organizations and many others are begging Trump to act on a “Religious Freedom” Executive Order, like the one which he AXED last month at the behest of his daughter and son-in-law. Sadly, Trump appears to be ignoring the influential Christian voices around him that helped to get him elected.

Instead of moving legislation to protect Holy Bible believers from Obama-era government persecution, the President has instead announced that he is reinstating the Obama administration’s “International LGBT Envoy” Randy Berry. Berry’s job entails promoting acceptance of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism abroad “in the name of U.S. foreign policy”. HUH? Family Research Council president, Tony Perkins, commented on this shocking act by the President, saying that “Keeping Berry only signals to the world that the extreme agenda of the Obama years is still deeply entrenched in the State Department.” It sure does look that way. In December, Perkins said, “The Obama administration has systematically filled the ranks of State with LGBTQ and abortion activists. Unless the next Secretary of State is willing to resist and remove this embedded agenda, the promotion and protection of true human rights, like Religious Liberty, will continue to languish.”

Sadly it appears as if, under a Trump Presidency, that Religious Freedom will continue to languish indeed. We sure can’t put our hope in the new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, as he was responsible in 2013 for pressuring the Boy Scouts of America to allow Gay scout leaders and gay scouts. God help us. All the while, Christians who elected Trump because they believed that he would help them and protect their freedom of Biblical conscience are finding out that help is not coming. Just this month, the Vander Boon family, owners of the West Michigan Beef Company, are at risk of having their meatpacking plant shut down because of the Department of Agriculture’s targeting of the Vander Boons for their Biblical beliefs. The Department took issue with “religious literature concerning Marriage” on a break room table at the Plant, which the Government Agency says is “prohibited”.

Also this month, the Supreme Court of Washington State ruled that the 72 year old Christian Florist, Barronelle Stutzman, violated State anti-discrimination law by refusing to provide flowers for a Gay Wedding ceremony. The Court could take everything she owns to pay the ACLU attorney fees. The American Civil Liberties Union has also sued Catholic hospitals that refuse to perform abortions, and California and Illinois have passed laws forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortion. Throughout all of these recent cases, I have not once heard anything from Donald Trump in defense of any of these Christians who are under attack for their Faith.

The ONLY positive action that he has taken this Month was repealing Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Laws in Public Schools. This was common sense, and any Republican President would have rescinded this unGodly dangerous policy; but to be balanced, I must give the President credit when he does something right. He has A LOT more work to do though to keep his many promises that he has made to the Christian community. He promised every Christian crowd which he spoke to in his Campaign Rallies that he would make defending our “Religious Freedom” PRIORITY #1. As of today, our Religious Liberty doesn’t even appear to be ON his list of priorities, let alone #1.


DEFUND Planned Parenthood & make Hyde Amendment PERMANENT: House Republicans approved a Resolution which allows States to withhold funds from abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood. The Resolution is expected to pass the Senate and be signed into law by the President. HJR 43 would overturn a rule instituted by the Obama Administration which banned States from withholding federal dollars from groups that provide abortions.

Last month, the U.S. House voted to permanently ban taxpayer funding of abortion. The bill it passed would make the Hyde Amendment permanent. Trump promised to sign that legislation. This month at the annual CPAC Conference, Vice President Mike Pence said, “We will make the Hyde Amendment PERMANENT.” Out of all of Donald Trump’s promises, I have to say that it looks like he intends to keep this one. I pray that I’m right in my assumption.


Tear up the Iran Deal: This month, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, said she was reassured during meetings with President Trump’s Administration that it was committed to full implementation of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Mogherini met with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, and Trump’s advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Meanwhile, Iran continues to boldly threaten the United States. The General of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Mohammad Pakpour, recently said “The enemy (America) should not be mistaken in it’s assessments, and it will receive a STRONG SLAP IN THE FACE if it does make such a mistake.”

These comments came as the Revolutionary Guards concluded 3 days of exercises with rockets, artillery, tanks and helicopters, just weeks after Trump warned that Iran was “put on notice” after their provocative missile launch. Pakpour said, “The message of these exercises is for the world arrogance to not do anything stupid.” So, even after Iran continues to laugh at Donald Trump as they did Barack Obama, breach the horrible Nuclear Deal, and threaten the United States of America and Israel, Donald Trump has still not fulfilled his promise to “tear up” the incredibly BAD DEAL.


Halt Islamic Immigration from Nations breeding Terrorism: Like I said last month, in regard to this Promise, President Trump is doing all that he can to protect the American people from Islamic terrorism. Though corrupt judges and the liberal mainstream media have tried to thwart Trump’s plans to halt immigration from Islamic nations that breed terrorism, he is expected to roll out a new Travel and Refugee Ban soon.

The new Executive Order will replace the original Order which is currently being tied up in the court system. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that the second Order will be tailored to what the court has ordered but will complete the tasks the first Travel Ban was meant to do. In my opinion, Trump is doing his utmost best to keep this promise.


Destroy ISIS: This month, President Trump again reiterated his vow to “totally obliterate ISIS”, as the Pentagon is preparing to deliver a range of options for how to combat the terror group. Last month, Trump gave his Secretary of Defense 30 days to present him with a plan to defeat ISIS. Rumours are circulating that the plan will include a boost in the presence of U.S. forces on the ground in Iraq and Syria. The Administration’s Plan to defeat ISIS is expected to be revealed very soon. As I said last month, this Promise will take some time to be fulfilled, so I’m willing to be more than patient with the President as he remains committed to destroying the demonic Islamic terror group.




Moving Embassy to JERUSALEM: More Palestinian news sources reported this month that the Trump Administration transferred a message to the Palestinian Authority that the embassy “WOULD NOT BE MOVING” to Jerusalem. On top of this disturbing news, the Trump administration recently “WARNED” Israel against annexing parts of Judea and Samaria, saying that such a move would trigger an “immediate crisis” between America and Israel. WHAT?!

I was relieved when Obama’s 8 hellish years were over so that I didn’t have to write about the U.S. being cursed for mistreating Israel anymore, and now I’m writing about it with a Republican President?!? Trump had better be careful, because Almighty God does not favor Political Parties. America will be cursed and fall under judgment when the Country’s leadership threatens or bullies His Chosen Nation of Israel. So Trump, that was the first time that you “warned” Israel, and for America’s sake, it had better be the LAST TIME.

Israel’s Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, said “We received a direct message, not an indirect message, and not a hint from the United States. Imposing Israeli sovereignty on Judea and Samaria would mean an immediate CRISIS with the new administration.” Excuse me while I vomit AGAIN. This new obsession with Israel building on their God-given Land by the Trump Administration is the exact same attitude that was held by the Obama Administration.

Also this month, it was revealed that one of Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry’s closest confidantes, Michael Ratney, will now be in charge of the “Israeli-Palestinian portfolio” at the Trump State Department. Ratney demonized the State of Israel regularly, along with his bosses, Obama and Kerry. For some reason, Trump approves of his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, designating the anti-Israel Obama Deputy to be in charge of “Israeli-Palestinian peace”.

Just many more signs this month that Donald Trump flat out LIED to Conservative Christian voters and Israel about moving the U.S. Embassy to Israel’s Eternal Capital. God forgive you Donald Trump if you don’t keep the promises which you have made to God’s people. You’ll never make America “great again” while you’re betraying Israel. SHAME ON THE PRESIDENT.


Appoint Supreme Court Justices to overturn Gay Marriage & Roe V. Wade: During his Presidential Campaign, Donald Trump consistently reaffirmed the promise to Christian Conservative voters that he would appoint a Supreme Court Justice who would “OVERTURN Roe vs. Wade”. Apparently, given the responses to questions which he received on the subject in his Confirmation Hearing, Trump’s nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch didn’t get the Memo.

Gorsuch told Senators at his Hearing that he would be RELUCTANT to overturn any decision a previous Supreme Court body has made, speaking specifically to the 1973 Roe vs. Wade case that essentially legalized abortion in America. When the Republican Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, questioned Gorsuch if Trump asked him during his nomination interview whether he would rule to overturn Roe vs. Wade, Gorsuch answered, “Senator, I would have WALKED OUT THE DOOR.”

So, Donald Trump made a vow to Christians in this nation that, if he was elected President, he would nominate a “pro-Life” Judge who would overturn the abominable 1973 ruling. Yet, now that he is in Office, and after propping up Gorsuch as a “strong Conservative Judge like the late Antonin Scalia”, Trump appears to have broken yet ANOTHER Campaign Promise to Christians. Gorsuch made clear that it is not on his agenda to overturn the abortion ruling which has led to the murder of 60 MILLION babies.

When pressed by Senators as to his thoughts on the 1973 decision, Gorsuch said that Roe is “a PRECEDENT of the United States Supreme Court.” He added that the ruling “has been reaffirmed” several times by other cases. “A good judge will consider (Roe vs. Wade) as precedent of the United States Supreme Court, worthy as treatment of precedent, like any other,” he said. For those of you unfamiliar with the legal language, a “precedent” in the SCOTUS is defined as “an AUTHORITATIVE pattern in future similar cases”.

So, if Gorsuch views any Supreme Court rulings connected to Roe vs. Wade as “authoritative patterns”, then sadly, it does not appear that he would be a Judge who would overrule that “authority”. On Trump’s promise to overturn the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage ruling, he now says that he is “fine with it”, and obviously Gorsuch doesn’t appear to be the “Conservative Judge”, which Christians were promised, who would fight to overturn the Godless decision.

When questioned by a Democrat Senator at his Hearing, Gorsuch was asked about his views on Gay Marriage, and he responded that “the Supreme Court of the United States has held that same-sex marriage is PROTECTED by the Constitution”, and that Gay Marriage is the “law of the land”. Neil Gorsuch is NO Conservative, no, not by any stretch of the imagination. So much for the argument so many Christian leaders gave during the Election to vote for Trump simply because of the “Supreme Court issue”.


Defend “Religious Freedom” and Conscience of Christians: Another month later and still no promised “Religious Freedom” Executive Order to protect the conscience of God-fearing believers. A growing movement has developed of more than 150 Conservative Christian leaders and groups urging President Trump to honor his many explicit campaign promises to protect the Religious Liberty of Holy Bible believers in America. There is increasing worry amongst many Groups that Trump is caving in to liberal pressure, and LGBT pressure specifically.

Speaking of Trump’s affinity for the LGBT community, this month the President appointed ANOTHER LGBT activist to his Administration. The appointment would make Richard Grenell the highest-ranking open homosexual serving in the Trump administration. He is a strong supporter of “Gay Marriage”, and he regularly criticizes “loud religious-right activists” (like me).

Trump has also personally appointed Betsy DeVos and Anthony Scaramucci who are both pro-LGBT. Devos used her political connections to persuade Michigan Republicans to sign a brief urging the Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage in 2015. Funny, I thought that this was supposed to be a “Republican” Administration? It also makes me sick when I hear people call this one of the most “Conservative” Administrations in a long time. Excuse me while I puke.


DEFUND Planned Parenthood & make Hyde Amendment PERMANENT: This month, the U.S. House released it’s Budget Reconciliation Bill, which is designed to fund federal government operations, which expire at the end of April. This bill has been paired with provisions to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The Family Research Council has raised concerns about the Bill though, due to the fact that the Reconciliation Bill in it’s current form would halt only 75% of public funding to abortion providers for just ONE YEAR. By tying the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the defunding of Planned Parenthood to this “must pass” bill, Republican leadership hopes both have a greater chance of passing despite opposition.

The Bill only needs a simple majority of Senators to pass, versus the usual 3/5 majority, and it is not subject to filibusters. Republicans have a 52-48 majority in the new Senate, so they should have no problem passing this Bill. I believe they could have went much further in the BIll, especially by halting 100% of abortion funding, defunding Planned Parenthood specifically, and halting funding PERMANENTLY. Given the current backslidden nature of the GOP under a Trump Presidency though, I acknowledge that them doing anything on the issue is better than them doing nothing.

As to the Hyde Amendment, the House sent the Resolution to the Senate for a vote last month, and the Senate has yet to take it up for a vote. This appears to be the only promise that Donald Trump is attempting to keep. Once Planned Parenthood is officially defunded and the Hyde Amendment is signed into permanent Law by the President, he will earn an “A”, but this month he receives a “C+” simply because the Congress is making much of this happen.   


Tear up the Iran Deal: It was reported this month by a Senior Adviser in the Trump Administration that the United States will continue to ADHERE to the disastrous Iran nuclear deal. Trump vowed to tear up the Iran Deal “on DAY ONE”, and referred to it as “the worst deal I’ve ever seen negotiated”. Yet, over 60 days into his Presidency, and following many provocative acts and threatening language from Iran, the President has decided that he will “stick to the deal”.


Halt Islamic Immigration from Nations breeding Terrorism: This month, Trump unveiled his new “Travel Ban” Executive Order. While I fully supported the previous one, and he has consistently received an “A” grade on this issue, the new revised Order is a huge disappointment to say the least. Christians fleeing the Middle East due to Islamic persecution will NO LONGER have “priority” as they did in the previous Executive Order.

The new version eliminates the language that prioritizes “religious minorities”. On the day the new Order was set to go into effect, it was blocked once again by liberal judges. I’m afraid to see how much Trump will water down the Executive Order by the time he finally gets the “Travel Ban” to stand without opposition.


Destroy ISIS: This month, Trump finally unveiled his “secret plan” to defeat ISIS, but there is nothing special or too new about it, compared to the Obama Administration. His plan calls for continued bombing, beefing up support and assistance to local forces to retake the Iraqi stronghold of Mosul and ultimately the ISIS capital of Raqqa in Syria, drying up ISIS’s sources of income, and stabilizing areas retaken from ISIS.

The Pentagon says that the “next plays” in the battle with ISIS include “Supporting Iraqi Security Forces to capture Mosul”, and “Supporting and developing more local forces in Syria.” It is also expected that Trump will put more U.S. troops on the ground in Syria and Iraq. At the end of the day, a plan is just a plan, and approaching 3 months into his Presidency it is time for ACTION.



***** OVERALL GRADE – C- *****


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“Better is it that you should NOT VOW, than that you should vow and NOT PAY.” ~ Ecclesiastes 5:5


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