Biblical Signs In The Headlines was founded in the Fall of 2015, and is your one-stop spot for the latest in Biblically relevant news and Christian opinion. Here you will find the headline news presented from a Biblical worldview.

While many Christian and “Conservative” news sites out there repost and recycle content from larger websites, every article here is ORIGINAL. I personally research and write about the “Signs of the times” found in today’s headlines, which point to the imminent Rapture of the faithful and Christ’s Return.

Biblical Signs ITH is your alternative to the mainstream far-left liberal news media. All opinions here are “not my own”, but are based solely on the Word of Almighty God, because HIS Word trumps ALL.

For those seeking a politically-biased website, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Biblical Signs ITH holds ALL politicians, regardless of Party label, accountable to God’s Word. The only BIAS that you will ever find here is BIBLICAL.

#MAJCA (Make America Judeo-Christian AGAIN)




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Mary Garcia (Laredo, Texas)

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  1. Thank you for speaking truth in love. Thank you for allowing God to use you. We need your voice and it’s making a difference for the Kingdom of God and eternity. God bless you!

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